Bathtub / Shower

Bathtub / Shower

Abrasive cleaners may scratch and dull the surface of the unit. To clean the unit after installation, use warm water and one of the stronger liquid detergents, such as: Top Job, Liquid Ajax, or Mr. Clean. Use these liquid detergents for normal day-to-day cleaning.

Plaster can be removed with a nylon or polypropylene scrubber. DO NOT USE steel wool, metal scraper, wire brushes, or other metal tools. One of the powder type detergents, such as Spic & Span, may be used on a damp cloth to provide mild abrasive action to remove residue plaster. Minor stains can be removed with household strength ammonia or bleach.

A periodic scrub down with gel gloss or a dishwashing detergent (wear rubber gloves) will usually remove any soap or mineral deposits. Periodic waxing with an automotive polish followed by a light application of liquid wax, such as Johnson’s’ Jubilee will add luster and preserve the finish.






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